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About Las Espadrillas

The Las Espadrillas project is all the experience that we have gathered over 15 years of selling shoes in our Ukrainian market, and now we are proud to present you a new brand.

In Las Espadrillas sneakers, ballet shoes and espadrilles you will always feel free and comfortable, because all shoes are made of natural textile and leather materials, combined with a modern design sole. We are not a factory over modern innovations, we use the most practical technologies and the experience of the shoe industry and world brand practice. Las Espadrillas - a variety of colors, elegance of silhouettes, and the most popular trends in the American and European markets. The weight of a pair of shoes generally does not exceed 250 grams. We declare that these are very practical shoes, which are presented in the windows of our store.

The ratio of price policy and product quality is the most optimal. The Las Espadrillas collections so quickly gained popularity that campaigns and manufacturers that sell fakes on our shoes appeared on the market. Therefore, buy our goods only from trusted traders, whose contacts you will find on our website, or from our online stores lasespadrillas.com, ridersandals.com.ua and kedoff.net. Thank you for your loyalty to Las Espadrillas. We try to justify your trust in us.