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It turns out that theorderedgoods arenot suitable

Due to the Law "on Consumer Protection"  during 14 days from the date of its purchase (in our caseis from the date of obtaining the order) you are able to return the ordered items and get back theircost. The exchange for other size or other model of goods is possible as well. In case you areunable to select a footwear on an exchange, it is possible to leave money on a store account and touse this amount for the following order payment .

Due to the Law "on Consumer Protection", goods are subject to exchangeor refund in case of absence of any visible signs of its wearing, in theiroriginal packaging and only provided that all the price tags on it and otherlabels are in unused condition. Do not apply any addresses or inscriptionsand other details on the packaging labels .Boxes wrapped with anadhesive tape without any additional packaging shall not be acceptedback.

In case of the goods refund that are offered as a part of a set ,allcomponents of a set are to be returned back.In case of exchange or refund, the customer pays for shipping the goods toour office or a warehouse store.  On condition that the customer has madea decision not to exchange goods and withdraw money, he will be returnedgoods cost minus shipping expenses.

On condition that the customer has not notified an online shop about goods return and has not paidfor its delivery to us, the amount of expenses will be subtracted from the cost of ordered goods.

The reason
for the
return was a
staff error

A store refunds the full cost of the order as well as it covers the expences for the return shipment of the goods. Under an error a store implies:
- a wrong model other from  that is specified in the order is dispatched;
- a wrong size other from  that is specified in the order is dispatched;
- a color of shoes does not match to that on the picture (e.g. instead of black color, trainers turned out to be red). Thus, mismatches of a shade of the same color are not considered because the same image can look differently  on various monitors
- a clearly defective model is dispatched.

Return address

For the carrier "Nova Poshta" specify the recipient: Igor Klimchuk private entrepreneur, the city of Rivne, warehouse №11. Store phone number  +38 (067) 380-27-70.

For the carrier "Autolux" specify the recipient: Klimchuk Igor Dmitrievich, the city of Rivne, warehouse №1, 32 Naberezhnaya Str.  Store phone number  +38 (067) 380-27-70.

When making a parcel

When making up a parcel take into account that:

-  A refund or exchange for the other pair is performed only after the package has been returned to the store;
- return of goods is performed by regular postal parcel, but not cash on delivery. Parcels which are dispatched cash on delivery will not be taken back as a refund of the returned goods is performed  after parcel inspection only

-when filling in the form to dispatch a  parcel, it is compulsory to specify an overall cost of goods in the graph "stated value of a parcel" as in case of loss of a load this amount is compensated by a carrier.

The procedure for registration of the exchange of goods

What should be done to exchange an item:
1. Within 14 days from the  date of dispatch of a parcel, send a footwear that did not fit on one of the abovementioned addresses .
2. Select goods from the directory which should be sent in exchange and complete a new order. In comments to the order specify the exchange reason.  In addition we request to enclose a note containing information about you (E-mail, a full name, a phone number, an address) in a box with return and to specify a model that must be exchanged.
3. As soon as a return is received, you will be called back by one of the shop  staff for coordination of details of an exchange.


What should be done to get money back:
1. Within 14 days from the date you received a parcel, send a footwear that did not fit on one of the abovementioned addresses .
2. Enclose a note to a box that you wish to receive  goods cost back or call back on one of our contact phone numbers to negotiate with the operator an order of refund .

3. Money will be refunded within 7 days from the date of return at the post office. A refund is carried out by a postal or a bank transfer, at your option, proceeding from goods cost at the time of its purchase.

We remind you that only goods cost is refunded. The cost of transfer of a return is covered by the client. The institution that implements money transfers ( a bank or a post office) subtracts the commission for money transfer from the return amount. Exception are cases when  the reason of return is considered to be  the error of a staff of a site  ( see above). In this case we compensate the cost of a transfer of a return and cover banking services for money transfer.